Mistakes Made During Tax Season: Working Without A Net

Do you have an accountant that guarantees their work�in writing?

Sure, some guys might say: “We’ll make it right if we screw up”, but then the stuff hits the fan and they fight you every step of the way.

I’ve heard too many horror stories about taxpayers getting a letter from the IRS, then they take it to their accountant, and then the letter sits on a desk gathering dust.

Or stories about the CPA who makes some calls on your behalf, but then you get charged an arm and a leg in the process. Or sadly, a taxpayer doesn’t get any help from the person who prepared their taxes for them so they “go it alone”, call the IRS themselves and figure out what to do and not to do during this normally ugly IRS correspondence � THIS can be a nightmare!
Don’t let that happen to you. You need to have a written understanding with your tax professional that you won’t be left in the lurch. Oh, and also-does this guarantee actually do something you want it to?

I’ve seen some accountants guarantee they will file your taxes for you by April 15th or they will file an extension for you. Well�great! That sure makes you feel good in the morning, doesn’t it? Other weak guarantees I’ve seen in the tax industry are, “We guarantee we will begin preparing your tax return the same day we meet with you.”

That means nothing to me. I don’t care when you start preparing my taxes. I want to know how long it is going to take you to finish it and do so without leaving out silly errors you know you should have caught.
So remember: the guarantees should be in areas you care about, like:

Tax Return Accuracy � Speed of Service � Most Money Legally Yours � Ongoing IRS Protection For Years After Filing �

These are the things YOU care about! Make sure the tax professional you choose stands behind these critical areas of tax filing so you get the most out of your tax filing experience.

I hope all this helps! To your family’s financial and emotional peace�

Michael Dobrowski is a friendly, “jargon free” tax professional in the Reno area. He offers tax preparation services in the Reno area and beyond, as well as a variety of accounting and tax professional services. For a Free Report on saving money on taxes, visit: http://renotaxservices.com.

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