Web Based Payroll Tax Service And System Features

System can pay as employees either by direct deposits or checks Or Pay cards. Generates tax forms for Federal and State payroll forms like for Federal 941, FUTA, SUTA and Withholding taxes. Integrated with major and vendors for pay-as-you go workman compensation processing .Payroll calculations for Fed, State and local tax authorities including states like PA and OH, where we have local school districts. Role based security implemented so that we can control access while payroll processing. General Ledger Integrated with Payroll processing to balance the accounting books after every payroll run. On Demand (Off cycle processing) payroll process for those one-off check payments, Legacy data conversion utilities into the payroll system � should you decide to convert from an existing payroll provider to our software. Multi garnishment processing integrated into payroll. This includes Child supports, Federal Tax Levies, State Tax Levies, Creditor garnishments, Bankruptcy � system handles CCPA limits and all the advanced processing rules of garnishments in all 50 states, PTO and Accruals are integrated into the payroll processing – you can setup customized PTO rules so that you can customize accruals for vacation, sick and personal leave, extensive Payroll Reports are available.

This includes QTD and YTD reports for employee and employer related taxes, wages and net pay. On demand custom reports can be generated using our smart report designer for �on the fly� reports. Real-time employee E-verify solution is integrated into our payroll system. Here we can e-verify your newly hired employees in fraction of seconds with state of the art integration with US Dept of E-verification and our Payroll Software System. Real time integration of employee self service (ESS) and manager self service (MSS) � to view paystubs by employees online, make changes to say, bank data, address and other master data, which can then be approved/disapproved by their managers. Deposit payroll taxes to Federal, State and Local tax authorities. This includes many payroll tax types � withholding, unemployment, disability, Medicare, social security and many others. Move money using our advanced, state of the art ACH file management software whether it’s paying employees, getting paid from vendors, depositing taxes to tax authorities using CCD+, PPD, CTX ACH transactions.

Compute paycheck for hourly as well as salaried employees. More than 100 types of earning codes, deduction codes can be processed in our payroll system. New hire reports can be generated for all 50 states where you have employees working in USA. Comprehensive Reports that include history of the employees in the system.We maintain the history of changes for employee master data. You may perform On Demand Payroll Processing in addition to regular payroll, whether they are paid – weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or quarterly regular payroll processing. Real-time integration with GEOCODING Payroll Taxes; Based on employee master data, where he lives and works, we can validate. Payroll software can help accounting firms, CPAs and any firm who is running payroll for its customers. We have built in options for using time and attendance as part of processing payroll. You can key in time and attendance into the system or using time clocks, you can send in the hours and system will calculate payroll using these hours via automated interfaces in our payroll systems. The payroll system is integrated with real time verification of new hires. The system performs real time photo matching and proof of residency like US Citizenship. It also tracks the progress and status of employment verification. This way customer gets added benefit of e-verifying its employees in real-time so that each new hire is eligible to work and under compliance with I-9. Employers also get notified when an employee requests, say, address changes and bank information upon reviewing the employee requests, Employers can take further action.

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