These are the best and worst insurers according to Condusef

These are the best and worst insurers according to Condusef

The National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef) conducted an analysis of 87 insurers with the Bureau of Financial Entities (BEF) because, according to the organization, in the months of January to March 2021 there were 13, 433 claims about auto insurers.

The insurers that received the most complaints

  1. Axa had 328 complaints
  2. National Provincial Group (GNP): 187
  3. Mapfre: 184
  4. Zurich: 138
  5. Banorte Insurance: 108
  6. Affirm: 107
  7. HDI: 64

The main causes for which they complained were dissatisfaction with the handling of compensation and requests for cancellation of the policy.

The average number of business days it takes insurers to resolve issues is 23 days. There are some that usually take longer, such as Seguros Banorte, which takes around 35 business days. In terms of customer service, the insurers that were rated with the best treatment were Chubb, BBVA, Mapfre and Axa.

The insurers that resolve the cases most favorably for their clients are Seguros Afirme with 32% of favorable cases, Seguros Banorte with 24% and HDI with 20%.

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