What You Need To Do If You’ve Lost Your Two Wheeler Insurance Policy Documents

For bike owners, getting a two-wheeler insurance policy is of prime importance, especially since it is mandatory in India. Bike insurance is crucial as it provides financial security in case of damage caused to, or from, our two-wheelers. Two wheeler insurance policy is of two types – Third party insurance and comprehensive insurance.

wo wheeler insurance policy documents

Third party insurance only covers damage to a third party’s person or property, it doesn’t cover any damage done to you or your vehicle. Comprehensive insurance on the other hand covers damage caused by your two-wheeler to others as well as covers any property damage and injuries that you have sustained.

This two-wheeler insurance policy comprises all the important and relevant information related to the insured vehicle. This document has to be kept carefully, since you have to present while filing for a claim. If your policy papers aren’t with you, you cannot file a claim with your insurance provider.

That is why you need to know the steps required to apply for a duplicate insurance policy:

Step 1: File an FIR

The first step in the process of getting a duplicate copy of your two wheeler insurance policy documents is to file a First Information Report (FIR) at your nearest police station. Make sure to list down your policy number, type of policy and any and all add ons taken. After this, you need to get a copy of the FIR, get it attested and submit it to your insurance provider as proof of missing documents.

Step 2: Submit Your Application For Duplicate Copy

After reporting the loss of your two wheeler insurance policy documents, the next step is to apply for a copy of the document. You can do this by submitting a written application to your insurance provider, which needs to include your declaration of wanting to apply for a duplicate two wheeler insurance policy and your reason for doing so. You need to state all the details pertaining to your insurance plan in this application, which includes:

  • Name of policy holder
  • Policy number
  • Date of issuance
  • Type of policy cover
  • Circumstances surrounding the loss of documents

You also need to submit the FIR with the application to get a duplicate of your policy papers.

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Step 3: Publish An Advertisement

According to the law, when you lose your two wheeler insurance policy documents, you have to publish an advertisement in your local newspaper stating that you have lost your documents. This advertisement needs to contain the following information:

  • Policy holder’s name
  • Your policy number
  • Name of your insurance provider
  • Your vehicle’s registration number

After your advertisement gets published, you have to submit a copy of it to your insurance provider.

Step 4: Sign an Indemnity Bond

The fourth and last step of the process involves signing an indemnity bond on a non-judicial stamp paper, which you are required to send to your insurance provider. The indemnity bond should include a legal and formal request to get a copy of your insurance documents and that you will indemnify your insurance company in case of a claim made by a third person. This indemnity bond needs to be notarized in the presence of 2 witnesses that aren’t related to the policy holder. Once this process is completed, you have to submit it to your insurance provider, who will investigate the matter and verify your indemnity bond. After they are done, you can be issued a duplicate copy of your two-wheeler insurance policy.

With more and more insurance providers starting virtual marketplaces, you can also contact your insurance company online and request a copy of your documents after mentioning all relevant details. Log in to your account and select the option for two wheeler insurance download, after which you will have to fill out your details and make the request. In case you have any questions or need help with understanding this process, head to Coverfox – one of India’s leading insurance broking portals, where a team of experts will assist you.

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